Committee Activities

If you would like to participate on any of these committees, please contact Anne Frost at 867-3355.

The efforts of the Building Committee have reached fruition, and our new building now stands at its new

location at 453 Hwy 165.  But, this was just Phase I, and efforts will be beginning on Phase II.  A great

deal of money must once again be raised to make Phase II come to life, and we will keep you up to date

on our activities.

Our Mission: The purpose of the Friends of the Placitas Community Library is to promote, enhance and

expand the presence of the library for the benefit of the community as a whole. The library is staffed

entirely by volunteers without whom it could not be what it is today, and cannot progress to what it can

be tomorrow. We invite volunteers to help in efforts to develop financial resources and programs, create

public awareness and serve as advocates for the library.

Join us in celebrating the library's past by becoming part of its future.

How do we do that?

We raise all of the operating expenses by:

*Annual Membership Drive

*Sales of book bags and mugs

*Participation in the annual Placitas Appreciation Day, Placitas Holiday Sale and flea markets

*Participation in the annual Albuquerque Road Runners race

*Books on the Bosque"...dinner/auction held every two years...next is September 2010

*NEW!!!! Harvest Hoe-Down to be held September 2009.

*Sales of cookbook, Menus From The Mesa